New Era of CMS – Vertex CMS

Vertex has everything you need to manage your casinos in the simplest way

Save your valuable time and make your casino business shine

Made for managers from managers

  • Network your casinos into one system and control them from one place
  • Stable CMS in over 20 casinos, with over 2000 machines
  • Your information is confidential and visible only to you
  • User-friendly interface and enhanced features – provides greater pleasure in use while saving your precious time
  • Watch the game in real-time in all casinos on all machines
  • From now on, monitor all the happenings in your casino on your mobile phone or tablet

Player Tracking

The team with the best players always wins

  • Create different types of promotions for registered players only
  • Track player status in real-time
  • Learn what you always wanted to know about your player
  • Favorite machines
  • Player activity by days, weeks, months
  • Reward the player with a bonus and motivate him to stay in the casino
  • Return the player to a casino he has not visited for a while
  • Keep track of player history since registration

Ultimate Jackpot Solution

Control Jackpots in ways you never imagined

  • Configurable Jackpot
  • Select growth pattern, set growth by percentage, by the time of day or on different days
  • Control the Jackpot active time by setting the conditions for assigning Jackpot
  • Select machines you want to participate in assigning Jackpot from casinos
  • Choose rain, tournament or custom setting for your Jackpot and much more
  • Personalized and configurable animations in full HD
  • Make animation tailored to your wishes


Your casinos are under your total control

  • Overview of the current casino game
  • Complete overview of all your casinos in one place
  • Comparison of casinos in different time periods
  • Money flow management in casino
  • The best and worst casino machines
  • Overview of money at all times (cash registers and bills)

Ticketing and AFT

Cashless solutions for the comfort of your players

  • Promo and cashable payments
  • Adjust the appearance of your tickets
  • Reward your players with promotional tickets
  • History and overview of all tickets and transactions


Make your personalized and custom reports in the easiest way

  • Use and unlock the power of your data with our reports that inspires your smarter business decisions
  • Reports are available for machines and casinos as well
  • Export your data in PDF and Excel

User Management

Have full control over the application users and their access rights

  • Select roles for each application user
  • Admin, manager, service, custom
  • The custom option allows you to select the access rights for the user in the way you want

Cash desk

A separate application for casino workers

  • Easy to use for all your employees who works in the casino
  • Register players
  • Inspection of machines with status
  • You can check the money in the cash desk at all times


All versions from 5.02 to 6.03 are supported

  • AFT (Advanced Funds Transfer)
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Legacy money transfer